The Film Making major, Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science Chung-Ang University, is the first MFA(Masters of Fine Arts) in Korea. It is the only one of the national video graduate schools to be selected for the first, second, and third stage BK government projects and has been operating until now. Therefore, in addition to scholarships, BK scholarships are available to students.

Achievements & Advances

Students of film major at Chung-Ang University, advance in various fields such as director, cinematographer, editor, producer, and professor. Also, they advanced to various film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, and Pusan International Film Festival. We pride ourselves on the achievements and advances of the highest level in this graduate school.

Bachelor's Guide

All students in the Film Making must achieve the performance score of 100 according to the performance chart determined by the department. In case of Film Directing, students should complete Advanced Production Practice including Basic Production Practice and direct two pieces of work and then direct graduation work. In other words, to graduate, three works must be directed.